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Torrance Tornado … In Person

I’m not one to be star struck … And I have crossed paths with some iconic brand personalities.  Take the Greatest himself, Muhammad Ali.  I was there … Just a pebbles throw away when he carried the Torch during the 1996 Olympic Games and the Closing Ceremonies. It was inspiring and emotional, in part because … Continue reading

Run, Drive, Sleep, Repeat at Ragnar Relay.

Run, Drive, Sleep, Repeat.  Run, Drive, Sleep, Repeat.  It’s part of the lexicon at Ragnar Relay, the overnight running relay series that makes testing your limits a team sport.  That’s the official Ragnar boilerplate and for most of the thousands of participants of a R-A-G-N-A-R, it’s an appropriate sentiment. At the recent Ragnar SoCal, the … Continue reading

24 Hours … SoCal Ragnar

Back at it seven months after our inaugural ultra relay and with it, another California destination, along the south banks of the North American continent.  We take stride in Huntington Beach, one of several beach communities I used to swing through in my … youth. Fortunately, my long ago Penn State roommate, now a master … Continue reading


The other day I took one of my predisposed courses, down one of the country’s most recognized streets, Peachtree.  Notice I didn’t same famous, just recognized in the way you recognize a brand like Starbucks.  Yes, we have as many Peachtree versions as there are Starbucks in this town.  So there I am, trucking along … Continue reading

Semi-Marathon de Paris Offers An Inspirational Run Through The Best of Paris

The 21st Annual Semi-Marathon de Paris is history, having wrapped it up on a sunny, but chilly 0 Celsius day in downtown Paris.  Having successfully scalped my way into the race, thanks to my new best French friend, Boris, I joined the staggered start at the Chateau de Vincennes (not a bad backdrop to start … Continue reading

When In Paris …Do As The Parisians Do … Run the Semi-Marathon de Paris

I appreciate that when one travels to Paris, running should not get in the way of stops to the Musee Rodin, the Pantheon, the Louvre Palace, the Notre Dame de Paris and of course, the cafes, the markets, the castles … too much to see in such a short time.  But as Americans, when we … Continue reading

My Road to 40,000 Miles

I’m sure you’re asking yourself, how does one get to 40,000 miles … on foot? I’ll show you my math if you show me yours. My calculations begin at the ripe old walking age of 11 months, three months after my brother’s highly competitive 8 month mark.  So from 0-11, years that is, I gave … Continue reading

Ragnar Napa … A Communal Experience

In September, I found myself in an ultra line-up of six runners attempting to run almost 200 miles from the Golden Gate Bridge to Calistoga in the Ragnar Relay Napa.  It was something of a fluke, having vacationed in Napa the previous September where after a casual 6-mile run on a Saturday afternoon, I discovered … Continue reading

One Running Shoe in the Cookie Jar … America Runs On …

Several weeks ago, a group of brilliant researchers released a study that stated, and I’m paraphrasing, “running too much isn’t good for you.”  The outcome of the data is titled, “One Running Shoe in the Grave,”  It suggests that the benefits of running may come to a hard stop later in life.  In a study … Continue reading

Ragnar Relay … Running for Our Life.

The other day I read about a woman who turned 116.  She’s the oldest living American, still percolating somewhere in a small town in Georgia.  That’s one full life.  So when I got a wild hair to run a 200-mile relay with a small group of friends, it was driven in part by my need … Continue reading

Epic Relay

200 Miles. Salt Lake to Grand TetonsAugust 9, 2013
200 Miles: Salt Lake City to Grand Tetons


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