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Why the 5K Race Can Be Our Salvation!

Who would argue that the state of America’s health is dismal, bordering on apocalyptic-like statistics that should be nothing less than embarrassing as the world’s supposedly leading culture.  I didn’t say it, but rather sourced too many media, blog and social sites making similar pokes at us.  We’re big and bad in so many ways. … Continue reading

One Running Shoe in the Cookie Jar … America Runs On …

Several weeks ago, a group of brilliant researchers released a study that stated, and I’m paraphrasing, “running too much isn’t good for you.”  The outcome of the data is titled, “One Running Shoe in the Grave,”  It suggests that the benefits of running may come to a hard stop later in life.  In a study … Continue reading

Epic Relay

200 Miles. Salt Lake to Grand TetonsAugust 9, 2013
200 Miles: Salt Lake City to Grand Tetons


Dean Trevelino