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40,000 Miles. On The Road Again.

I’ve been gone too long from my blog, 40,000 Miles On Foot, distracted and obsessed by life’s trivialities.  I started three years ago when I re-engineered my physical goals as a human being.  I wanted to run 40,000 miles before I found myself limited to a jog, a trot or worse yet, a walk.  Fortunately, … Continue reading

Why the 5K Race Can Be Our Salvation!

Who would argue that the state of America’s health is dismal, bordering on apocalyptic-like statistics that should be nothing less than embarrassing as the world’s supposedly leading culture.  I didn’t say it, but rather sourced too many media, blog and social sites making similar pokes at us.  We’re big and bad in so many ways. … Continue reading

Epic Relay

200 Miles. Salt Lake to Grand TetonsAugust 9th, 2013
200 Miles: Salt Lake City to Grand Tetons


Dean Trevelino