Race Assignments

For all those 12-person teams, feast your eyes on the ambitious running schedule of Team Boomeragnar for the running of the Ragnar Relay in Napa Valley.  Six people running three crushing legs, from morning to night to morning again.  Our mixed masters team will own the following schedule:

Lead Runner.  Rob S.  Setting the Tone.  First Leg. 6.7 Moderate. Second Leg. 10.8 Moderate. Third Leg. 4.3 Moderate and 9.2 Very Hard. Total. 31 Miles.

Second Runner.  Paula C.  Kicking off the Female Dynamic.  First Leg.  3.3 Easy | 7.3 Very Hard. Second Leg. 5.1 Hard | 5.6 Moderate. Third Leg. 6.8 Easy. Total. 28.8

Third Runner.  Sarah D.  Keep Pace with the Field. First Leg.  5.4 Hard | 3.8 Easy. Second Leg.  3.3 Easy | 5.4 Hard.  Third Leg.  9.1 Moderate. Total. 27 Miles.

Fourth Runner.  Lisa C.  Showing Our Resolve.  First Leg.  3.5 Easy | 5.5 Very Hard. Second Leg. 8.9 Very Hard | 3.5 Easy. Third Leg. 6.7 Easy. Total. 28.1 Miles.

Fifth Runner.  Phillip F.  Running like a Beast.  First Leg. 12.1 Very Hard. Second Leg.  4.2 Easy | 6.2 Moderate. Third Leg. 14.7 Very Hard. Total. 37.2 Miles.

Sixth Runner.  Dean T.  Putting an End to It.  First Leg.  8.5 Very Hard | 2.7 Very Easy. Second Leg. 8.3 Very Hard | 9 Hard. Third Leg. 4.9 Easy | 5.2 Moderate. Total. 38.6 Miles.


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