Ragnar Relay Napa

From what I can gather, Ragnar is more than a racing series, it’s an athletic cult … a community of ultra-punishers eager to re-write the final chapters of their mobile frontier. Ragnar mocks pedestrian races built around neighborhood communities and Starbucks-laden course.

Instead, It’s the perfect combination of all-out fatigue, coupled with sensory deprivation and a little grunge, all rolled into one tidy 200-mile trek from one breathtaking destination to another noteworthy site.

For us, we start in one of America’s most cosmopolitan cities in San Francisco, running up through two of my favorite words — Sonoma and Napa — only to finish through the quaint town of Calistoga.  Last year, I accidentally stumbled into the race while on a nine-mile jog through Calistoga, just down the street from our favorite sleeping quarters, Solage.  This year, I won’t be so well accommodated.


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